Build Exceptional Digital Content Experiences That Wow Your Audiences On Every Device.

PageRaft, A great fit for:

Magazines    Brochures                       Marketing Collateral

Guides           Ebooks                             Booklets

Journals       Travel Publications        Reports

Proposals     White Papers                  Catalogs

Scrollable Vertically and Horizontally

Readers can scroll left to right between different articles and vertically within each article.
This helps maintain the book-like content feel, while still delivering a digital experience that mimics how most people engage with websites.

Alt Text for Images

Perhaps the most fundamental piece for building accessible content.

Our PageRaft interface makes it simple to input descriptions for graphics and photos.

Descriptive Text for Hyperlinks

Allow readers to understand exactly where they are heading if they follow a link, and why.

PageRaft allows links to be embedded into the text, so readers don’t need to see a URL, they simply click.

You can embed YouTube or Vimeo videos