The Most Customizable & Interactive Replica Platform on the Market.

Create interactive and engaging experiences that match the look and feel of your print publications or PDFs.

With the use of animations, you can bring your digital magazine to life engaging your viewers up to 7 minutes in the nxtbook!

We are here to help turn your readers into regulars

No matter what the media, you can rest assured that your readers will enjoy your content on just about any device, featuring a whole how of rich content features and interactivity. The more ways they can enjoy your content, the more ways you can monetize it.

Knowledge is power right? And when used in the right way, it can help you take your publication to the next level. You can get valuable insights from our Report Tracking system giving you vital statistics like the number of visitors, visit duration, amount of page views and referral sites. Is there anything this platform can’t do?

Discover all the capabilities with nxtbook4 with Dawson Communications.

e-commerce integration

One of our great features for Product Catalogs is, you can link a shopping cart icon within your digital publication and automatically connect to your e-commerce site and start shopping! Your viewer can select a product within the magazine and check-out in no time, how easy is that!

Gate Your Content

Control who has access to your content. We can do custom integrations with your existing digital rights management solution to limit access to your content.

DRM System

 The Dawson DRM system will offer clients/Dawson the ability to control reader access to their NXTbooks.  Once a reader is registered to view a DRM-protected NXTbook, they will use their email address and password to open and use the NXTbook.  This DRM protection will extend to both the online and offline versions of the NXTbook (the user will need to be connected to the internet the first time they open the offline version in order to have that copy of the offline version registered for viewing).

What's The Process

(It's pretty simple)


Send us your PDF


We will digitize it and host it online


You now have a tool that can engage your audiences for over 7 minutes per visit! Put it on your website, social media, and email it out!