Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Do our readers need an app to view content?

Nope! Our content is totally accessible via the web. There are no apps to download or install before reading. That means less barriers to entry and more readers viewing your content!

What’s the difference between nxtbook and PageRaft?

nxtbook is a great platform for businesses who already have a print design and want to replicate that design in a digital flipbook format. nxtbook can create pixel-perfect replicas of your print designs from PDF files but it doesn’t stop there. You can also add some life to your publication with animations, videos, audio (great for podcasts!). For publishers looking to create revenue via advertising, there are a variety of monetization options available.

While nxtbook is great for transforming print designs into digital flipbooks, Pageraft is perfect for creating digital-first designs. This platform helps businesses build and deliver fully responsive, engaging content that looks awesome on every device. Both platforms can help deliver more engaging content than a static PDF.

How long does it take to digitize a PDF?

It takes 3-5 business days to create an immersive online Digital product!

Why not use a PDF?

If you ever want to start a conversation with someone who works at Dawson Communications, ask them this question! The short answer is that static PDFs are very hard to read on a mobile device. With more than half of the traffic on the web coming from mobile devices, that’s a pretty big problem! Can you afford to shut out 50 percent of your audience before they even see your content?

PDFs also create headaches in terms of search-ability, version control, and brand aesthetics.

Are nxtbook and PageRaft projects search engine friendly?

In a word, yes! We know that search engine optimization is a big deal for all companies these days. That’s why we designed the nxtbook and PageRaft platforms to expose your text to search engines by default. This means that your project can be crawled, indexed, and ranked for keywords. This happens no matter which page rendering option is used. In addition, the nxtbook.com domain has very high domain authority, this can help accelerate the indexing and ranking process. If you do not want your content to be found on search engines – you can disable this feature.

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