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Dawson Communication Ltd. is a leading digital solution service provider and is the official Canadian Reseller of NXTbook Media here in Canada with over 17 years experience. We transform print materials into dynamic online digital magazines, catalogs and brochures and create branded Apps that leverage the power of the Web. With our Report Tracking system you can closely monitor the viewing performance and its impact on your end-user community.

With Nxtbook's technology we can digitize your PDF or In-Design file into a responsive PageRaft or Nxtbook Replica platform for viewers online. Dawson Communications is privately held and headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

More than two million readers enjoy Nxtbooks every month with the average visitor staying engaged for over 7 minutes per visit. While publishers benefit from unique revenue generation opportunities and impressive reader engagement. An Inc. 500 company, Nxtbook Media™ provides cutting edge technology and unparalleled services and support!

If you print it, Digitize it!


Nxtbook Media is a diverse group of creative strategists, developers and designers who love helping publishers share their content with the world.   Nxtbook has been proudly working with companies since 2003, giving them over 17 years of know-how.

NXTbook Media™ optimizes print publications for use on the Web. NXTbook™ Media’s digital publishing application helps clients market and broadcast print materials in easy-to-read electronic editions over the Internet using only a standard Web browser. They offer 2 platforms - PageRaft  (responsivie) and Nxtbook4 (replica) formats.

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