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PageRaft allow publishers to create a digital-first responsible content experience across all devices.


Interactive Replica

With nxtbook, you can create digital publications that replicate traditional print layouts and enhance them with interactive elements across all your devices

Customizable Elements/Embedding

Interactive Experiences

Animation     Web Windows   Video

Slideshows  Advance Page   Podcasts                

Two Platforms. Unlimited Potential.

Our technology enables innovation and flexibility. It’s what make us unique as a company, and separates us from our competitors. It’s our approach to providing service to our customers, not just through our team that takes care of your digitization, but also through our quality assurance, and technology platforms. We are a leader in the industry!

  • Magazines - Get readers involved with your content in a deeper level of engagement with the advantages only digital provides.

  • Digital Brochures - Leverage your print materials online or create something altogether new!

  • Catalogues - Save the cost of print and distribution, and travel with visitors in their phones, tables, and laptops!

  • Education Brochures - Set your school ahead of the technological curve by offering digital editions.

  • Branded Apps - Go where no one has before with a solution customized just for you.

Designing Your Digital Content
in PageRaft or nxtbook:

  • Engaging - Tools to create high-quality, engaging digital content experiences. Visitors to PageRaft titles stay an average of seven minutes. Searchable content helps your readers quickly find the content they need.

  • Best-in-Class Support - Our team has been publishing digital content for more than 15 years. If you need support, inspiration, or someone to dive in and help with your project, we’re ready and willing!

  • Creator-Focused - With PageRaft you aren’t boxed into pre-made templates. You get a blank canvas and powerful tools to design your content your way. Don’t worry though, there’s no coding, domain, or hosting work on your end.

  • Insightful - In-depth analytics and reporting to guide your company's content strategy and increase your return on investment.

  • Secure - Adjust your sharing settings based on your marketing strategy. Attract new audiences by choosing to make your content open to search engine traffic. Or gate-content for subscribers only and disable downloads.

  • Accessibility - Our accessible version follows guidelines of AODA compliance, so whenever software for visual impaired readers is recognized, the accessible version is delivered.

Indispensible Analytics

Both digital publishing platforms provide insightful analytics for your content. These insights go well beyond traditional PDF metrics (number of downloads). Instead, these tools help you better understand how your readers are engaging with your content and for how long.

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